bracelet et bague grand val
Bangle and Ring " Grand Val "

The Jewels « ELISABETH RIVEIRO » are designed and hand made in France. Ancient techniques (lost-wax casting, planishing, chiselling and high temperature vitreous enamelling), which exist since the mists of time are used here to create a wide thematic of geometric, zoomorphic, and symbolic patterns.
Looking back in the past and mastering these techniques have enhanced the imagination and nourish the inspiration of their creator Ernesto Riveiro. Since its creation in 1980, the Jewels of this Collection have reach a fine level of stylisation representing thus a combination of tendencies and styles where the old and the contemporary fashion trend are joining together.
All along the time, with over than 600 different models and a fabulous bestiary the “Bijoux” from ELISABETH RIVEIRO never stop amazing us and make us feel like wearing them as a talisman.
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Production and marketting: Elisabeth Lieutet.
255 rue du faubourg Saint Antoine 75011 Paris, France.
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